Purple - Help with Tiredness

Managing tiredness is important in achieving your overall health goals. In the long term, a healthy balanced diet will help to maintain this.

Keeping your blood sugar levels is key.  Good levels of iron and vitamin B 12 will help reduce the persistent feelings of tiredness and fatigue.  
This will sustain your mental alertness concentration and help you achieve your goals.

Blue - Increase Muscle

Muscle is not created during a workout, the key is in the muscle recovery.  Don’t waste time with a tireless muscle building exercise regime with no results. Following exercise with suitable food will build muscle mass as opposed to fat mass

Grey - Fat Burn

The key to fat burn is not calorie restriction or fad dieting. It is about making simple and smart choices that increase calorie burn.

Red - Muscle Recovery

Muscles need to recover after a workout to achieve the desired strength. It is vital that you choose foods which encourage quick/effective muscle recovery.

Orange - Boost Metabolism

The metabolism works endlessly to burn fat and calories. Every time you eat, your body breaks down the food via enzymes and turns it into energy.  Boosting metabolism increases the amount of calories the body naturally burns.

Pink - Post Workout

Avoid sabotaging the hard work that took place in the gym. Choose food and drink to encourage muscle growth, muscle repair, reduce muscle breakdown and replenish energy stores.

Yellow - Pre Workout

To get the most out of a workout session, it is important to be full of energy, focussed and driven.

Green - Boost Energy

Avoid feeling sluggish. Foods high in fibre, vitamins and minerals will help to combat feelings of fatigue and give you a quick pick me up.



Our colour code system is a guideline. It assists you in planning your fitness regime and can also have other positive benefits such as improving your general health and well being.